Son of Sam survivor details near-death experience in new documentary, wants to meet David Berkowitz

It was October 23, 1976 when 20-year-old Carl Denaro was enjoying a night out in Flushing, Queens with 18-year-old Rosemary Keenan before he would go off to join the Air Force — except the Son of Sam was also on the prowl and looking for his next victim.

The pair were sitting in Keenan’s car for just four minutes when the windows suddenly exploded.

“I had glass all over me… I really didn’t know what happened. But I knew we were in trouble,” now-61-year-old Denaro told Fox News. “I yelled at her to start the car… then I passed out for 10 seconds.”


Keenan frantically drove back to the bar where they originally hung out that evening to get help. And Denaro, with his long hair matted with blood and his shirt completely soaked, still had no idea what happened until he finally made it to Flushing Hospital. At 4 a.m., a police officer approached him and asked if he should call his parents.

“I said, ‘As long as I’m home by seven, my mother will never know,’” recalled Denaro. “That’s when he told me, ‘Son, you’ve been shot in the head. You’re not going anywhere.'”

Denaro was shot with a .44 caliber revolver and doctors had to use a metal plate to replace a part of his skull. The injury disqualified him for service in the Air Force. And as he recovered in the hospital, his doctors and mother…

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