Some tips on holidays in Sardinia 2013


Four months after the beginning of the summer, Sardinia is preparing again to accommodate the thousands of tourists who, like every year, will flood the coasts to enjoy the sea and sunbathing.

Island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sardinia can boast of having one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, thanks to the quality of the sand, the total lack of pollution and the minimum urban impact, this region has places classified as real natural monuments.

In a hypothetical journey from north to south, it is noted that Sardinia is constantly changing its appearance: in Gallura dominates granite, in the central coast are popular coves, the south is characterized by long stretches of fine and white sand. The sea changes its color depending on the latitude: emerald green to the north, turquoise and infinite shades of blue in the south. The common feature of all these seas is the transparency of the water.

But there is another Sardinia, the interior, less known but equally charming and full of surprises. The heart of the island is dominated by mountains, inaccessible and not always easy to explore, almost as if to hide the deepest secrets of this land. Wherever there is the Mediterranean vegetation with its intense aroma. Here you can discover the most ancient humans evidences on the island, with the widespread presence of nuraghi, majestic buildings that date back to prehistoric times. Here you can learn about the true spirit of the Sardinians, marked by kindness and hospitality.

And speaking of hospitality, there are many facilities in the area: from luxury hotels to bed and breakfasts, from holiday rentals to campings. Prices obviously vary depending on the services in the area, with the eastern and western coasts cheaper than those in the north and south.

As shown by business operators, such as Explore Sardinia, which specializes in holiday rentals, this year will be required for the bigger villas Sardinia because they offer the best value for money. What also encourages tourists to opt for this solution is the complete freedom of which you can enjoy (no time constraints, for example) and the location, in most cases near to the sea.

There are many activities that you can do on the island: in addition to relaxing swims in the sea, many other water sports such as sailing or windsurfing, for lovers of the underwater world there are snorkeling and fishing. Activities out of the water are endless: from the traditional sports to other more…

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