Some Tips For Getting And Utilizing A Disposable Barbecue

Food tastes wonderful when it is cooked in the open air on a sun-drenched summer’s day hence it’s hardly surprising that the outdoors barbecue (BBQ) is renowned in countries like South Africa, Australia and the US. In the town of Oslo (Norway) it is common to see individuals making use of picnic barbeques in Vigeland Sculpture Park during the summer season. Considering the universal attraction of this sort of cooking, it is hardly surprising then, that bar-b-que equipment is available all shapes and sizes. It’s even possible to purchase single-use barbeques these days as a way to take your bar-b-que with you wherever you go.

The single-use barbecue or ‘picnic BBQ’ as it’s sometimes labeled as, is not especially big as far as this sort of cooking apparatus goes. A portable barbecuing device such as this is usually only about thirty centimetres long and 50cms high, and comes with its very own specially-treated charcoal which makes it easy to light with a match. Therefore, not only are picnic barbecues highly portable, they are also straightforward to use.

Below are a few tips for purchasing and using a disposable barbecue:

When purchasing a picnic Bar-b-que, make sure you get one that comes with its very own purpose-built base. The purpose of this base is to raise the apparatus so that oxygen can circulate underneath the tray.

Prior to lighting the fire in your disposable BBQ, first make certain that it is positioned on a level and fire-resistant surface like brick, for instance.

Avoid using a fire accelerant like gasoline or starter-fluid to get the fire going in your picnic BBQ as, not only is it dangerous but there ought to already be an impregnated ‘starter sheet’ contained in the unit that you have only to light using a match.

Once you have lit a fire in a disposable BBQ, wait until the coals are coated with ash before placing the foodstuff on the grill as it will cook better at this point.

Never ever re-use a picnic barbecue again after it has been used as it is designed to be utilized only once.

As a final point, dispose of your picnic barbecue properly when the fire has gone out and the unit is totally cold.

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