Some Pointers on How to Register A Domain Name

In this day and age of the internet and instant information access, businesses cannot afford to not have their own websites and remain one up on their competitors. Creating a web presence is in fact one of the easiest, fastest, and most effective means of reaching out to the existing pool of customers and also find new ones from different geographic domains. However, the first step to creating such a website would be registering for a domain name.

How do you register a domain name?

A domain name is something which you would use to refer to your website. You need not necessarily be a company or an organization to register for a domain name. An individual can also apply for the same. Having a domain name is important because it enables visitors and customers access your site. Even if you change your web host, the domain name would not change; customers would need to just key in your domain name to visit your site.

A good domain name would give your business credibility. If you have one that describes your business, products, or service, the visitors to your site would remember the same and make that all important call the next time they need some related service.  
However, before all that to happen, you would have to register a domain name with an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers). The first step would be to choose a domain name registrar. This is a company accredited by ICANN or by a national authority to register Internet domain names. These companies usually also offer web hosting and other related services.

You would have to go to the registrar, pay a registration fee, and get the right to use the name for a year. You would have to renew the registration annually, usually for the same amount to continue using the name.

You would also have to think creative and choose a domain name that best describes what you stand for. These names have a tendency to disappear very fast. Think of a few good domain names that you…

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