Some important steps for filing provisional application for patents

All the patents in the United States are issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office that allows inventors seeking a patent to write a description on the idea or technology for which they are filing a patent application. While the patent filing application process can be lengthy and complex, the USPTO offers a provisional patent that protects inventors for duration of twelve months, while they organize their full patent applications. A provisional patent application is a useful tool for certain innovations, which are important to many companies. A proper protection and development of these inventions can strengthen and expand your business. While filing a provisional patent application, you also establish a filing date for the innovation without the formal requirements of a non-provisional patent application.

Some simple steps that can help you in filing a provisional application for patents in a simple and easy manner are:

• Firstly you need to download a provisional patent application form from the official website of the USPTO along with the coversheet, fee transmittal form and application data sheet. The cover sheet will include the names and addresses of the inventors and the title of the invention. The fee transmittal form will help the applicant determine the different filing fees that are applied to the application. The required application data should be submitted in the required USPTO form.

• Next step would be to write the specifications of your invention, which should be in full concise, clear and exact terms as to enable any person skilled in the art or science to which the invention pertains to make and use the same. In simple words, the specification should explain the product built in simple terms such that a reasonable qualified person could reproduce the invention.

• A provisional application for patents usually demands a sketch of the invention which can show the construction detail described in the specification document. These drawing…

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