Solution to recover Deleted File Back on Windows 8

You must have noticed many new features and applications of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 8. Changes made to the OS also include some functionality; however, it would not be practical to form an opinion that Windows 8 is totally different from its predecessors in every sense. For instance, file deletion on Windows 8 is quite similar to the older Windows versions. Like previous operating systems, when you delete a file, it simply moves to Recycle Bin.

In some cases, you realize that the file is required that you just deleted. Well, nothing to worry, it can easily be restored from the Recycle Bin. However, sometimes, you delete file hastily using the ‘Shift+Del’ key, which is known as permanent deletion. Naturally, file does not retain in the Recycle Bin any more, rather gets deleted from here as well. So, what to do now? Is the file really gone forever? Not really!

Fortunately, when you delete a file on Windows 8 computer, it does not get deleted permanently, rather remains stored on hard disk. In this case, the OS marks the space that was previously occupied by the deleted file as empty and deletes the index entry of the file. Therefore, it becomes possible for you recover the file. However, you must ensure the following for deleted file recovery:

  • If the file is deleted from a storage media (such as USB, floppy disk, etc.), do not perform anything on the device, including saving new data, deleting existing files, etc. It is better to not touch the device until recovery because when you use the device, it is possible that new data overwrites the file that you want to recover. Note that recovery is not at all possible if the file gets overwritten.

  • If the file has been deleted from your computer, make sure that you do not use Internet, download any application, or shut down the computer. Instead, keep the system in running state and start using another system until recovery is done. On another computer, search for and download the software that can recover deleted data from Windows 8, move the downloaded file on an external media, and connect the media to your system where file deletion took place. Next, install the software and run it to perform file recovery. However, it is important to choose an efficient application for file recovery, else it might not work properly and you may fail to recover the file. It is also recommended to keep the software so that you can use it if same situation occurs again in future.

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