Solution To Hide Eye Puffiness And Dark Circles

The skin around the eyes is about ten times thinner than the rest of your face as there is much lesser amount of fat stored under this area of your skin. This is why ageing usually starts and becomes more visible around the eye area.  A thickening of the skin around the eyes may be caused by increase in fat beneath the surface of the skin which, in turn, results to eye puffiness and dark circles.

What causes ordinary puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes?

Eye puffiness and dark circles may be caused by several reasons. The slightest change in your lifestyle and sleeping habits can cause eye puffiness and dark circles to form immediately.  Smoking, excessive intake of alcohol and salt, lack of sleep and oversleeping, lack of physical activity, allergies, and stress can all result to the formation of puffy eyes and dark circles.  An unhealthy lifestyle is usually the primary cause of puffy eyes and dark circles.

Dehydration due to excessive consumption of alcohol can cause eye bags to form, so does having excessive amount of salt which, on the contrary, results to fluid retention around your eyes.

Smoking, dust, and pollens, particularly when you have allergies, can cause your eyes to become swollen.  Your eyes are very sensitive and must not be exposed to allergens as much as possible, most especially if you have an overly reactive skin.

Any disruption in your sleeping pattern can also cause skin around your eyes to bulge.  Oversleeping and lack of sleep both affect fluid retention in your eye area.  If you sleep on your side, this may cause puffy eyes to develop around one or both eyes.  These are the reasons why your eyes seem to be puffier the first time you check yourself in the mirror when you get up from bed in the morning.  Your sleeping position also affects proper blood and fluid retention around your eyes.

Stress is also a major cause of eye puffiness and dark circles.  When you are stressed, you tend to take your meals…

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