Social Networking websites: Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Networking is something that is trending more than fashion and movies! There are people who have become obsessed with social networking websites. Internet has taken a new turn with these social networking websites gaining so much popularity. This is the only platform where people from all walks of life are brought together and interact freely with one another. But there are two sides to a coin, though these social networking sites have some great advantages, they do have disadvantages too. There are many users who have fallen prey due to the disadvantages of these websites. But, there are many who have gained a lot through these websites. Let us see some of the biggest and disadvantages of these sites:

The biggest advantages of social networking websites are that they are very low-cost. The registrations to almost all these sites are free and they can be used for both personal and business purposes. Personal use of these websites is very common as these websites were started for the very purpose. But there are also business uses which many are not aware of. The chances of finding potential customers are very high on social networking websites. Many can run their businesses by just being members of some these websites. A business can boost their profit through these websites and it is one of the most effective forms of advertising.

Making friends and tracking the friends with whom you have lost touch has become very easy with these social networking websites. Credibility is something hard to come by in a business. You can have a personal contact with your customers and get them interacting about the business. Getting in touch with the customers builds a great rapport for the business.

The personal information that is put up can be viewed by people. Though there are so many security measures, people can still view your personal details if you don’t lock information properly. Carelessness can lead to pretty nasty situations and the information given by…

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