Social Network Duby Flips Cannabis Advertising Upside Down

Stores and brands can leverage the data and the user base to drive real traffic and real revenue rather than simply brand loyalty.

Recently eclipsing 200,000 users, the canna-centric social media application Duby finds itself in a unique position, able to capitalize on a robust user base of cannabis enthusiasts looking for what is trending in cannabis. Since the launch of the social network in April 2015, Duby has become the place to be within the cannabis community.

Consumer Traction:

  • Average users spend 22 minutes daily on Duby
  • 100,000 images and videos shared every day
  • 10%-15% user growth month over month
  • 71% of users interact on Duby to discover new products or brands

Last month, Duby went live with an affordable advertising platform allowing companies (small and large), consumers and the cannabis to co-exist in ways they cannot on mainstream platforms.

“The app has grown rapidly into a massive network of cannabis consumers,” Duby CEO Alec Rochford explains. “It is a platform that allows companies to break through the noise and not only reach their consumers with geo-targeting, but also understand how and why consumers are using their products. The net effect is that stores and brands can leverage the data and the user base to drive real traffic and real revenue rather than simply brand loyalty.”

Within the first two weeks of the ad platform going live, Duby brought on over 100 of the cannabis industry’s leading companies including the likes of Native Roots, Dixie Elixirs, Openvape, Vapor Nation, and Weedmaps.

Openvape COO, Jeremy Heidl, remarked, “Duby is like nothing I have seen before in the cannabis space. Having the ability to reach our target market with two-way communication in an efficient manner, backed by deep analytics and targeting capabilities is extremely powerful… and it’s fun!”

Leveling the Playing Field

The gamification of the social network has hooked retail outlets and brands as they compete with other companies for higher influencer scores. Because users decide which content goes viral based on a “vote up/vote down” system, Duby’s location-based technology enables smaller companies to compete with larger companies for consumer eyeballs. On average, smaller…

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