Social Dictatorship: 80 Royal Families-1000 Rich Families Manipulate Social privilege in the World

Eighty royal families in the world dominate social status and manipulate social privilege. They are the privilege elite and the rest of the people are nothing but ordinary citizens marginlized and made to look up at the upper elites. One thousand rich families in the world enjoy upper strata status privileges and reap the apple in its fullest sense.

The royal families and the rich family  elites, some descendants of maharajas and their likes in every society, represent the social eilte status privileged. In every society there are those parasite elites ho nourish on the body of the people like cancerous parasites. Such few elite parasites have acquired their social status either through riches and wealth or through hereditary means, such as monrachies, princedomes, sultanates.

Monrachies came to power and dominance through bloodshed and deprivation of their people of their natural resoucres of wealth. They all without any exception took power by force originally and made themselves monarchs , princes and sultans. They are the left overs of individual dominance of the ancient Egyptians: the Pharaohs, the Roman Emperors, the Persian Tsars, the Russian Tsars, the Arab Caliphs, the Japanese and Chinese Emperors, the India Maharajas. They were nothing but ordinary members of their people.

Riches and wealth which appertain to the people and the whole people were ripped off of the people and few warlords made themselves masters of lands and property and enslaved other humans as serfs, under feudalism. People, as serfs and slaves, were sold with the land. Human slavery which still exists has always been the national mark of every society. Under capitalism man exploits man and under socialism is the other way round.

Look at the Royal family in the British Isles,  established for hundreds of years through force and hereditary rule ( Queen Victoria has dominated British politics of the decadent British Empire at the turn of the 20thC). The so-called royal…

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