Soccer fanatic husband shocks bride in bright yellow suit for his team

A husband chose to play the field on his wedding day.

English sports fanatic Rich Seagrave and now-wife Rebecca Seagrave from Derbyshire had a soccer-themed wedding this weekend in honor of their favorite team, Burton Albion Football Club. The professional team is also referred to as the Brewers.

While Rebecca wore a classic white wedding dress, her husband shocked her when he appeared in a blinding yellow suit to match the colors of his favorite team’s uniform. Rebecca knew a soccer-themed wedding was being planned, but not the specifics.

“Myself and my two best men wore yellow suits and the bridesmaids wore black,” Rich told SWNS.

“They were a bit surprised at first but they know what I am like,” the sports fan added.

Rich decorated the venue, Horsley Lodge, to match his unique wedding garb. He also made sure the decor paid tribute to his favorite players.

“The hall was decorated in black and yellow with black and yellow chair covers and the table featured the faces of Burton Albion legends including Nigel Clough, Darren Stride, Aaron Webster and Daryl Clare,” Rich said, adding that his event attracted noteworthy guests.

“Chairman Ben Robinson took pride of place at the top table and mascot Billy Brewer came along to the evening reception.”

When it was time for the couple to cut the soccer-themed cake, the adopted club song, “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones echoed through the halls.

Rich and Rebecca Seagrave pose with their wedding cake.Dave Evitts /

“Rebecca knew what was coming because it is my passion and our house and back garden are full of Burton Albion flags, banners and merchandise, but I didn’t get my way for everything,” said Rich.

For instance, the super fan would have loved to get married at Pirelli Stadium where his favorite team plays but his wife nixed the idea.

The event, which took place July 15, didn’t only pay homage to sports. It also honored the day the day the longtime friends and former co-workers started dating.

“We started going out five years ago on July 15 and it became pretty obvious she was the one,” he said, adding her proposed to her just one day later. They now have a 4-year-old daughter named Lucy and 2-year-old son named Hugo.

Hugo is named after one of Rich’s all-time favorite soccer players who went on to become a wrestler.

“When our son was born I was determined to name him after our former goalkeeper Stuart Tomlinson who went off to America to become a WWE…

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