Snappii Releases Construction Photos App

Construction Photos

As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In construction a picture showing things like work in progress, defects, safety violations, etc. is often worth many thousands of dollars in unnecessary rework, fines, and delays and defects.

Snappii, a leading Mobile Business Apps company, today announces a release of its brand new Construction Photos App to help construction companies all over the world to improve field operations and to save time and money.

Construction Photos mobile app is designed for Foremen, Superintendents, Safety Inspectors, Project managers and other construction professionals.

This app allows its users to

  • snap photos,
  • mark them up with comments and drawings to say highlight a problem area,
  • add comments and share the pictures with the team.

It is the only Photos App that can be configured to match 100% of any company’s specific needs in about a day and deployed immediately.

Many job sites are in places without cell networks. Construction Photos app continues to work offline and automatically syncs when the Internet connection is present.

The app includes project name, manager, start and end dates and location. The start date and location are captured automatically which increases efficiency.

With the Construction Photos app employees can:

  • Organize photos by projects
  • Mark up photos on the go
  • Tag photos for easy search
  • Invite users instantly
  • Share photos with a click
  • Connect with the team anytime, anywhere

By utilizing the Construction Photos mobile app companies will have the following benefits:

  • Keep records of projects
  • Improve communication on job site
  • Improve project documentation
  • Reduce rework
  • Optimize the workflows…

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