SMSs and Their Different Types

Mobiles have altered our lives completely. They are accessible everywhere and everyone has a cell phone no matter what age group they belong from. They have unquestionably made things easier but it would not be wrong to say that in some cases they have just increased the workload. There is not one second of privacy which can be wearisome at times. The texting rage these days is also a blessing of the cell phone which allows everyone to stay in touch all the time without actually talking on the phone. It is less costly and prevents children and elders from spending time endlessly on the phone but it is also very annoying as it takes a person away from the people he/she is with to people who are miles away. This often annoys the people who are present in the company of that person. But it is unnecessary to say that without the endless facilities provided by a cell phone a man would not have been able to lead such an easy and organized life. If it has made life hectic it has also helped in achieving a lot.

Romantic SMSs are also the most fought after messages and are sent by loved ones to each other not only at specific occasions but also randomly to show the love and care felt by them. These messages are a way of telling the special ones in our life how much they are loved and how they are always on our minds. This has helped a lot as people are now more in tune with their emotions and can express them more freely than ever before. These messages are found everywhere on the net and most of them acutely describe one’s feelings hence helping him/her totally in informing the other side of what is in the heart.

Happy birthday SMS are one such type. Now instead of calling or posting a card people easily pick up their phones and sent a text message which can contain a very cute birthday wish, a picture or even an audio recording. These messages can be composed personally and can also be found on different sites on the internet. Happy birthday songs and customized…

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