Smartest Way To Wash Clothes By Semi Automatic Washing Machine

One of the varieties of washing machines that were very popular until now is the semi automatic washing machines. Those that have never used this type of washing machines may like to learn facts about the washing machines. These machines are good for people leaving in water scarcity areas.

Difference Between Automatic and Semi-Automatic Machines

There are certain basic differences between the automatic and their semi-automatic counterparts. Some of the features of semi-automatic washing machines are as follows.

· Semi-automatic machines stand half way between the automatic and manual hand washing machines.

· Thus these machines accomplish half the task for the user.

· Inputs from the user would be required at various stages of the washing operation.

· One of the manual works would be adding or draining water from the machine.

Types of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Broadly speaking there are two types of washing machines in semi-automatic category. These are –

· Single tube semi-automatic washing machine.

· Twin tub semi automatic washing machine.

Both types of machines have their respective pros and cons.

How the Machines Work

It is important to know how semi-automatic washing machines work. While most of the semi-automatic washing machines are top loading types and they use agitators or impellers for working and performing washing tasks. Agitators work like central spindle in the washing machine and have blades to push the clothes. They push the clothes in alternative directions and at the same time move the clothes in and out of water. Impellers have rotating discs attached that are located at the base of the drums and the water propels the clothes around.

Simple Use of Semi-automatic Washing Machines

There is a great deal of difference between using a machine and its smart use. The same analog applies to the semi-automatic washing machines. For smart use of these machines, the user has to follow certain factors that would have major bearing on it….

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