Smart Lights with Many Unique Features

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

APV INC. (, a leading international award-winning lighting company, announced the release of a new brand of lighting called “Illumi Arts” ( These smart lights are an innovative, energy efficient, Low Profile RGB (Red, Green & Blue) LED Art Light with Bluetooth control. The RGB LED lighting fixtures come with smart controls that will forever change home lighting experience. Illumi Arts’s new interior RGB LED lighting fixtures, (IP 20) are patent pending products. “Illumination is our Passion.” Illumi Arts represent the marriage of art and light.

One of the biggest aspects of interior design involves the use of color and art to transform spaces. Illumi Arts provides magical luminous surfaces which animate spaces. They are unique, functional, efficient, safe and affordable RGB LED wall lights with changeable art panels.

Each smart light wall art design comprises:

  •     A robust aluminum frame (square design)
  •     LED panel (backlit)
  •     Changeable mirrored stainless steel art (optional)
  •     Plexiglas cover for a sharp vision, fresh look, and innovative effect

The Illumi Arts assembly includes:

  •     4mm frame, laser dotted LGP (Mitsubishi brand)
  •     0.3mm PET reflective film at the back
  •     0.8mm Aluminum backing
  •     1mm PC front Plexiglas cover
  •     Low Voltage (DC 12V), and integrated RGB LEDs strips in 2 sides
  •     White tape around each edge
  •     0.5mm cable with 4 pin cylinder connections
  •     RGB Bluetooth controller and power supply
  •     Size: 324x324mm (12.7nch x12.7inch)

Hardwires are available by request. Illumi Arts are quality products – UL, CE and RoSH certified.

Illumi Arts’ dual-purpose indoor use serves two functions. With modern art, this piece serves as simple wall décor during the day. But in the evening, the luminous colors come to life to provide a unique lighting experience.

Benefits of the Illumi Arts Smart Lighting System:

1. Innovative, exciting, and collectible products

2. Low profile and energy-efficient at 11 Watts

3. Bluetooth technology for remote variety control (iPhone….

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