Sleek, Safe, and Quick-Access Gun Storage

Vapensystems Inc., developer of innovative weapons Fast Access/Storage solutions, announces the QVR, a high security, compact gun safe designed for fast, easy, and safe access. Using the latest bio-metric entry system that allows for individual access (fingerprint), the QVR keeps weapons accessible, safe and, importantly, out of the wrong hands. Additionally, its neat and compact design lets gun owners store their weapons close at hand. The brainchild of two mechanical engineers, Vapensystems president Martin Dijkema

and vice-president Richard Meier, the QVR represents a new level of access, safety and security hitherto unseen in the personal defense industry. “For 150 years, safe design has remained largely unchanged,” said Dijkema, whose extensive engineering background included jewelry safe design and development. “But it’s not a practical way to store a weapon. We developed a product that not only safely stores your gun, but allows for extremely quick access.” With its smooth rotating door and instant biometric keypad entry system, the QVR allows gun owners to have their weapon in their hand in less than 3 seconds. “The rotating door gets out of the way very quickly, so your hand and door are in effect connected,”explained Dijkema. “It is a much faster access than any other design on the market today.” Unlike most household safes used by gun owners, the QVR is purpose-built from the ground up for personal weapons storage. It neatly houses one rifle, such as an AR15, plus up to six handguns in their holsters, all in a compact and aesthetically pleasing design that fits neatly in a bedroom closet, home office, or anywhere else where access is important. There are an estimated 8 million AR15s in private hands, and the QVR allows not only for safe storage but also for access in an emergency for these weapons. The bio-metric system keeps contents safe and inaccessible from unauthorized users,

and the attractive design allows it to be placed in an accessible spot. One master administrator can add (and remove) up to nine additional authorized users’ fingerprints. “Form follows function in design,” said Dijkema. “This product allows you to safely store your weapon where you can access it quickly in an emergency. With its high safety features and attractive design, your…

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