Slapping, hair-pulling, kicking: St. Peter’s Junior High disciplines students, offers guidance – Newfoundland & Labrador

A large group of students from a junior high school in Mount Pearl are being disciplined following the emergence of a disturbing video that shows females brawling while males record the violence on their phones and urge them on.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is also investigating what a spokesman says was a complaint of a disturbance in a wooded area of Southlands on Friday, Sept. 22.

A concerned parent provided a video to CBC News this week.

Brawl appears to be pre-planned

It shows anywhere from eight to 10 females slapping, kicking, pushing and pulling each other’s hair in what appears to be a pre-planned brawl, with one voice asking, “Where’s her team gone?”

As the violence unfolds, a group of young males can be heard urging them on while recording the melee with their smartphones.

This screen grab is from a video taken Friday, Sept. 22 on a field in the Southlands neighbourhood of St. John’s, and shows two females slapping and kicking one another. (Submitted)

“Where is everyone? Get in there,” shouts one faceless male voice.

“Go after her. Take her up and slam her,” blares another male.

Guidance offered to students

The incident occurred off school property, but the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District confirmed in a statement Tuesday that action is being taken.

“School discipline has occurred as a result of the incident, along with educational and guidance supports being provided to the students involved,” the statement reads.

The district has also provided education to students about “non-violent behaviour and the appropriate use of technology, in accordance with the Safe and Caring Schools policy. Further education on both of these topics will occur with the students involved.”

‘School discipline has occurred as a result of the incident, along with educational and guidance supports being provided to the students involved.’
– Statement: Newfoundland and Labrador English School District

The parent who provided the video said it’s symbolic of an increase in violence among junior high-aged students in the St. John’s region. 

And the widespread prevalence of smartphones is making it possible for everyone to see it first-hand, added the parent, who asked not to be identified because she has a child at the school.

School district says it won’t tolerate violence

“These young people have no idea how the choices they are making now will effect them in the future,” the parent said.

“And it…

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