Skyline Products Delivers Large, 33 Foot Electronic Price Sign to Missouri-area Travel Center

Skyline Products, a leading manufacturer of electronic price signs announced today that it has delivered a large double product, double face scroll fuel price sign to a prominent Missouri travel center. At more than 33 feet wide and nearly 13 feet tall, the new sign will replace an existing Skyline price sign that has been in operation for more than 20 years.

The existing fuel price sign, which is pole-mounted 66 feet in the air, was grandfathered into local building regulations and any change in size specifications would have triggered a new permitting process. Therefore, it was critical that the new sign be engineered to the exact same specifications as the old sign in order to avoid any additional permitting. Skyline’s custom solution was built to meet those exact specifications, saving the time and expense of permitting a new, large sign.

“We are thrilled that our original sign reliably served our customer for more than 20 years and proud that they returned to us for an upgraded sign. Many of our customers choose Skyline not only because of our ability to build large price signs for travel center applications, but because of our unique ability to engineer completely custom signs,” shared Chip Stadjuhar, President and CEO of Skyline Products. “Our in-house engineering team easily created a solution that perfectly fit the customer’s needs.”

In addition to the unique needs of the project, geographic and physical location constraints were critical to the effectiveness of the sign. The sign structure itself is located several hundred feet away from the adjacent interstate and at a much lower grade, requiring the sign to be legible from a wide range of viewing angles. Skyline’s industry-exclusive scrolling price digits provide…

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