SKINNEY Medspa in New York City Now Offers New FDA Cleared CoolSculpting That Freezes Away Upper Arm Fat

SKINNEY Medspa, a luxury medical spa with location in New York City has announced that they are now offering the new FDA cleared Coolsculpting procedure that freezes away upper arm fat.

ZELTIQ®Aesthetics, Inc., manufactures of the CoolSculpting® System, announced the recent FDA clearance of CoolSculpting’s non-invasive treatment for reducing upper arm fat. CoolSculpting is a clinically proven, non-surgical procedure that selectively reduces unwanted fat using patented cooling technology. Touted as a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting is now the only FDA cleared treatment for the non-invasive reduction of stubborn upper arm fat.

“There are 29 million people in the U.S. interested in CoolSculpting, with more than 14 million expressing concern about unwanted arm fat, making arms the third most popular area for consideration of non-invasive fat reduction,” explained the CEO of ZELTIQ. Foley says the FDA’s clearance demonstrates ZELTIQ’s commitment “to investing in R&D and clinical research to provide consumers with solutions that they desire most.” Foley also says that the clinical evidence provided by ZELTIQ for the FDA’s evaluation supports “CoolSculpting’s ability to successfully treat upper arm fat [and] is a testament to our technology’s efficacy and versatility.”

“Everyone carries fat in different areas based primarily on genetics and diet,” explains Adriana Martino, a CoolSculpting specialist and co-founder of SKINNEY Medspa, the leading provider of CoolSculpting in New York City. “Many patients express concern about fat in the upper arms” says Martino explaining that “a large amount of our clients want perfectly sculpted arms.” Martino expects her clientele will be very pleased with this recent development in the CoolSculpting system, especially among her female patients because “women tend to carry excess fat in the upper arms,” she explains.

The FDA clearance for fat reduction in the upper arm area was specifically approved for ZELTIQ’s latest applicator, the CoolAdvantage Petite. In a press conference announcing the recent FDA clearance, ZELTIQ stated the CoolAdvantage Petite “optimize[s] the performance of CoolSculpting in the upper arms.” The applicator was release in April of 2017. The CoolSculpting system is outfitted with…

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