Skinega Vegan Luxury Skincare Launches With The World’s First Serumizer

Two years ago, Skinega’s founder was looking for a simple and effective vegan luxury skincare range with a short list of concentrated natural and bio-identical ingredients, with no synthetic thickeners, colors, fragrance, or ingredients linked to health concerns. The search was unsuccessful.

In response to demand for safer, simpler, more transparent ingredient-centric skincare, Skinega is pioneering a new category of luxury skincare occupying a large vacuous gap in the market between “all natural” at one end, and all other synthetic products at the other end. In the US, the FDA has no legal definition of ‘natural,’ and ‘organic’ products are only required to contain 95% organic ingredients (unless labeled ‘100%’ organic). Consequently, synthetic thickeners, colors, fragrance and other chemicals may still found in products labeled organic or natural and many consumers simply aren’t aware of this. These ingredients serve no purpose to the well-being of skin and dilute the other ingredients squeezed into a one ounce bottle.

Aimed at women aged 30+, Skinega’s products are defined by four strict but simple criteria: Firstly, the actives are naturally derived from nature, or molecules naturally found in your skin (bio-identical). Secondly, there are no synthetic thickeners, colors, fragrances, or ingredients linked to health concerns. Thirdly, a natural number of concentrated ingredients per product, and lastly, always vegan and never tested on animals.

“‘Only natural’ has notable limitations in a holistic skincare strategy as there are some functions that no plant or fruit extract can replicate, so we include bio-identical ingredients to our natural list, which are ingredients identical to those molecules found naturally in our body. Our products are also scent free, further…

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