Site 1001 Opens Innovation Office in Raleigh, North Carolina

Site 1001 is looking forward to helping Raleigh not only become a smart city, but a model for other smart cities as well.

Site 1001 announced today that it has selected the emerging smart city of Raleigh, North Carolina for its newest office and innovation center. The company is the maker of an advanced building management and maintenance software platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help building owners and operators prevent equipment failures, eliminate waste and operate more efficiently. Site 1001 plans to work with the city and technology leaders in the region to demonstrate how an AI-based building operations platform can enhance initiatives designed to make established city infrastructure “smart.”

“The number of smart projects in and around the Raleigh area is very exciting,” said Site 1001 CEO, Cleve Adams. “The region hosts a unique collaboration between private, public, and academic resources that is rapidly making it a leader in the development of the interconnected technologies defining the foundation of smarter, more efficient communities around the globe. Site 1001 is looking forward to helping Raleigh not only become a smart city, but a model for other smart cities as well.”

Analysts estimate nearly half of all energy and water consumption, waste products and carbon emissions within a city comes from its buildings. Site 1001’s technology is designed to provide building managers highly detailed operational and maintenance information about all of their building’s components — from major heating and cooling systems down to minor plumbing fixtures like drinking fountains and faucets — so they can they can troubleshoot problems quickly, reduce waste and improve a building’s efficiency from top to bottom.

“Site 1001 is exactly the type of company we want in Raleigh,” said Derrick Minor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Manager at the City of Raleigh. “Raleigh is becoming an environment rich with high tech, entrepreneurial companies that not only build a cool and futuristic place to live, but create new jobs and improve the local economy. I know Site 1001 is the perfect fit to help get us to the Raleigh of tomorrow.”

Site 1001 is also partnering with regional networks of…

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