Sister Communities of San Ramón, Nicaragua Hosts Online Fundraiser for Children with Disabilities

The Sister Communities of San Ramón, Nicaragua (SCSRN), a non-profit dedicated to helping support communities in a rural region of northern Nicaragua, is hosting an online fundraiser this year to raise money for Los Pipitos San Ramón, a center for children with physical and intellectual disabilities.

“Of all the local initiatives that we support, Los Pipitos San Ramón, is perhaps the noblest endeavor,” says SCSRN´s Executive Director, Anjie Price. “It is an organization of dedicated local professionals providing care to children who, without their help, would be completely abandoned and rejected by society.”

Founded by a San Ramón local, Lilian Selva, Los Pipitos serves children from rural communities in San Ramón and surrounding areas. Parents travel hours by foot and by public transportation to bring their children to the center, where they receive free physical therapy and early intervention education that they would not otherwise have access to. In rural areas where traditional beliefs say that a child with a disability is a curse and a source of shame, the work of Los Pipitos San Ramón has transformed the lives of not only the children that they serve, but also their families and communities.

Nelson Bellorin, an 18-year-old affected with osteomyelitis, credits Los Pipitos San Ramón with his ability to continue school. “For three years, I couldn’t move my leg at all. I came here to Los Pipitos to do therapy, which helped me a lot. For five years I couldn’t go to school, but in 2013 I was able to go back, and now I’m in my second year of high school.” Nelson is now on Honor Roll and is one of the top students in his class.

For over fifteen years, SCSRN has been the largest donor to Los Pipitos San Ramón. Donations cover utilities, maintenance, salaries, supplies, food for the children, and…

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