Singapore’s next top ‘male’ models

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard Singaporean women moan about the quality of the local guys. They’re not tall enough, they say, or not handsome, or they don’t look after themselves.

Well, thankfully we can now put all these complaints to rest. Thanks to veteran fashion show producer and all-round godfather of Singapore fashion Daniel Boey, I have six hot, young Singaporean male models for you to meet.

The “boys” as they’re collectively referred to, are fairly new to the modelling and high fashion world. Out of the group only one had previously walked for Men’s Fashion Week, the others were all brand new; with some of them having only a few months experience.

Aaron Ng, Ian Luah, Conrad Ho, Gabriel DS and the twins, Ng Yu Rui and Ng Yu Ze are all very young ‒ Conrad and Gabriel are actually still doing National Service, while the twins are waiting to be called up, while Aaron and Ian have just finished.

All of them are modelling part-time, mainly they say because there’s just not enough work available in Singapore for Singaporean, or even Asian, models.

According to Daniel Boey, this is true not just for the guys but also for the girls. There remains a tendency for both Singaporean and international fashion brands and magazines to use Caucasian models for both the runway and editorial work.

So Daniel was ecstatic that he managed to get nine local models booked for all the shows at the recently ended Men’s Fashion Week 2012 (MFW2012). Ian walked in 10 shows, while Aaron and twins also racked up a substantial number; and they were competing not only with Caucasian models but also some of Asia’s best like Korean stars Lee Soo Hyuk, Heo Min Ho, Kim Han Soo and Japanese actor/model Tanihara Shosuke.

“Actually it’s great for the local boys to be walking with all these international models,” explained Daniel. “It makes them more competitive, they want to be as good and so they try really hard to improve.”

And they did. For Ian, who…

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