Simply Connect Launches Health Information Exchange in Virginia

Simply Connect not only works with a variety of software and operating systems, but also streamlines communication.

Hospital networks nationwide are adopting health information exchanges (HIEs) to better, more efficiently and securely share health data. Simply Connect, based in Minnetonka, Minn., is one HIE software that prides itself on advocating for proactive healthcare management.

Simply Connect technology can interface with all current electronic medical record (EMR) systems to share health care data across providers, pharmacies, hospital networks and health systems. The technology can also be customized to meet new updates. The adaptability and versatility of the software make it appropriate for all healthcare settings.

Simply Connect and other HIE software aim to reduce health crises and minimize costs by providing platforms for productive interactions. The technology takes a value-based approach to health care management by making communication easy and efficient for users. The outcome of a successfully used HIE is engaged patients and informed care teams working with pre-crisis data and tools, which in turn would support data driven interventions and care management rather than simply following a schedule.

Leading the launch of Simply Connect in Virginia’s hospital markets is Tina Fonteneau, Simply Connect’s State Director for Virginia HIE and Sales Director.

“There are incentives for taking a proactive approach to healthcare instead of looking at it simply from a post-crisis viewpoint and just going through the motions until something happens,” said Fonteneau. “If prepared, proactive providers use HIEs to share information with pharmacies, nursing staff, anyone who interacts with their patients, it leads to informed, activated patients.”

Fonteneau will oversee the use and installation of Simply Connect HIE software in hospital systems across the commonwealth, with hopes to expand the reach of the technology. With user-friendly features and a quick learning curve, Simply Connect is suitable for installation in any healthcare setting, including senior and assisted living communities.

Simply Connect partners with extensions of Eldermark, whose primary focus is on senior care. Eldermark’s suite of products offers a mobile…

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