SimpleOrder Launches Aggressive Growth Plan to Boost North American Market Share

SimpleOrder, the leading software platform that automates restaurant inventory management in kitchens across 25 countries around the world, is launching an aggressive push to expand its market share across North America. By presenting an advanced and cost-effective solution to common disconnections that challenge restaurants around the world, SimpleOrder’s easy-to-use interface helps restaurants better control their entire inventory system, reducing food waste and boosting bottom line profits in the process.

SimpleOrder was created out of necessity by co-founder Amir Zelig, who owned a variety of bars and nightclubs in Tel Aviv. Zelig found himself spending the majority of his free time chasing down suppliers and vendors while working to pay the bills. Realizing that other owners and operators likely faced the same back-of-house challenges, he turned to co-founder Arik Mezin to help build a platform that would track and house all of a restaurant supplier’s information.

“Many restaurant industry apps go in at the top to digitally map all of an operator’s inventory before organizing it,” said SimpleOrder CEO Guy Evan Ezra. “SimpleOrder’s approach is different. In order to reduce the time spent on setup, we work from the bottom up. That means that a restaurant operator can start ordering as they normally would without having to start from scratch to track all of their existing inventory. Instead, existing inventory is automatically digitized based on the next order, allowing us to build insight into use, create reports showing trends in use and waste, and ultimately, to be a far more user-friendly platform.”

By helping to digitize a traditionally fragmented industry that has long relied on old fashioned pen and paper inventory management systems, SimpleOrder helps reduce costly mistakes. SimpleOrder’s automated inventory system helps streamline the relationship between restaurant operators and their suppliers, providing real-time inventory counts and resolving issues in food waste while simultaneously streamlining the ordering and replenishment process.

Simplicity further sets SimpleOrder apart. Working with the information in their POS to deplete inventory in real time, SimpleOrder creates a 360-degree view into their operations. For individual restaurants and smaller chains that track…

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