Silicon Valley Now Has Its Own Populist Pundit

Mr. Hilton is unfazed. “I certainly have experienced a degree of curiosity, yes,” he said.

This fish-out-of-water existence is the latest chapter for Mr. Hilton, 47, who was once credited as designing the modernized British Conservative image that helped get Mr. Cameron’s party elected in 2010. That was before Mr. Hilton moved to Silicon Valley in 2012, after Ms. Whetstone had taken a top communications job at Google; Mr. Hilton later turned on Mr. Cameron over “Brexit.”

For the past five years, Mr. Hilton has been quietly building a new life in Atherton, raising his two children with Ms. Whetstone, writing about how he has given up his cellphone, hosting annual Cinco de Mayo parties and tending a large flock of pet chickens (his favorite is a brown hen named Hermione). Last year, he published a United States version of his book, “More Human,” about the need for a populist revolution in government and business, and wrote favorably about Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Now he is Fox News’s newest host, representing its first major foray into the tech world, and the network is experimenting with Mr. Hilton’s more esoteric take on the brash Fox News style.


Steve Hilton on his Fox News program, “The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton.”

FOX News Channel

“Traditional television anchors might ask more shorter, pointed questions; they might try to trap their guests,” said John Finley, senior vice president for development and production at Fox News. “Steve’s about having an intellectual discussion.”

Can it work? “We’re in the process of finding out,” Mr. Finley said. “It’s definitely something different.”

On a recent Sunday in Los Angeles, Mr. Hilton arrived for breakfast a little late, wearing a gray T-shirt, neon green shorts and flip-flops. He is petite but muscular, clean-shaven and with bright blue eyes. On his wrists were worn-out festival bracelets from Glastonbury and Coachella.

He had chosen one of the trendiest places in the city, Rose Cafe (with a menu featuring avocado tartine and lemonade made with tangerine oil and filtered water), to talk populism. Mr. Hilton ordered shakshuka, beet hummus and tea with milk.

“What’s going on for half the country? Who’s lost out? The victims of elitist agenda; standing up for them, being a…

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