Sifos Technologies Introduces the New PoE Service Analyzer

“The Leader in PoE Test now offers the PoE Service Analyzer that will fully assess interoperability risks, safety hazards, and PoE performance limitations at the connection to any Powered Device,” said David Lucia, Sifos Technologies President.

Sifos Technologies, Inc. ( introduces the new PoE Service Analyzer that supports highly robust testing of both Type-1 (13W) and Type-2 (25W), including LLDP, PoE service at any PD connection point. The PoE Service Analyzer far surpasses PoE testing and interoperability analysis available in more common service testing devices.

PoE is a pervasive technology with the promise of offering world-wide, industry standard power connectivity, intelligent power management mission critical power backup, and the healthy elimination of numerous “wall wart” power modules. With the ability to serve 25.5 Watts of continuous power to each Powered Device (PD) today and a growth path toward over 70 Watts in the future, PoE is attracting greater numbers of applications including digital phones, wireless access points, tag and card readers, security cameras, displays, intelligent lighting, and industrial controls.

PoE technology is challenged with the delivery of robust and safe power over a cabling infrastructure that was designed primarily for low power, high frequency signals. The challenge of safe and effective PoE goes well beyond the ability to place a 50 Volt source onto a twisted pair LAN cable. Rather, the complete picture of PoE involves reliable steady state and transient power delivery to every Powered Device coupled with the vital need to avoid possible damage to all non-PoE network equipment. As an open standard, IEEE 802.3 has enabled the proliferation of thousands of PoE-capable switches and midspan injectors and even a greater variety and quantity of Powered Devices, thus placing ever increasing burden on device interoperability characteristics across all supported cabling systems and installations.

The PSA-3002-SA PoE Service Analyzer marries the Sifos PSA-3002 Compact PowerSync Analyzer with specialized application software to enable the most comprehensive and fully automated testing available for PoE analysis and qualification at a Powered Device service…

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