Showing Haitian children the power of a dream fills her heart – Orange County Register

By Abby Deming

Contributing columnist

My face is wet, and it’s not because it’s 100 degrees outside. I find myself in a daze while preparing to leave a place that has transformed my heart and my philosophy for teaching. I just said goodbye to a sweet, sweet boy who tugged at my heartstrings this week, and I had to explain to him that while we may be oceans apart, we will always be connected on a heart level. He asked me if I was coming back soon, and I didn’t know how to answer.

Abby Deming<br />Photo courtesy of the author

Everything within me wanted to say: Yes, of course I’ll be back! But I don’t know for sure if this opportunity will ever arise again. As I walked down the steps of the orphanage for the last time, I saw him sitting in the corner trembling as he cried and watched us leave. That’s when I realized that I was crying so hard I couldn’t see straight. My vision was blinded by the emotions that I had poured into this place, and I felt as though I was leaving a piece of my heart in a land that needed more than I could offer.

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