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Americans must come together during a natural disaster and help our neighbors in the next town or the next time zone.

HURRICANE Harvey’s devastation is expected to bring more flooding to Texas and the Gulf Coast. But this epic storm is no match for the people of Texas.

As The Houston Chronicle editorial board wrote: “This great city, this city we love, is being tested. With courage, with selflessness, with love for each other, we will meet that test, Harvey be damned.”

Many Seattle Times readers already have gone online to express their support for the people of Houston. For those who haven’t opened their wallets to help, today would be a good time to do so.

Help Harvey victims

American Red

United Way of Greater

SPCA of Texas:

Austin Pets

Texas Diaper Bank:

Check out other charities:

Charity Navigator:

Charity Check

The American Red Cross is always a smart place to donate during a natural disaster. The agency is opening shelters and trucking in supplies across the Gulf Coast. Any donations that aren’t needed for this disaster will be saved up for the next one.

Many other organizations are also on the ground, making a difference in the disaster zone. Before pulling out your credit card, take a minute to confirm you are giving to a reputable charity that will spend your money well. The website Charity Navigator will confirm whether the organization is a registered charity and might give a rating based on how well it spends donations. Another place to check the basics is

The Houston Chronicle offers a list of giving suggestionson its website, including United Way of Greater Houston to support both immediate needs and long-term recovery efforts, SPCA of Texas and Austin Pets Alive to help the animals affected by the hurricane, and the Texas Diaper Bank to support young families with their immediate needs.

Twelve years ago, Houston welcomed tens of thousands of refugees displaced from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Many Katrina refugees still live in Houston and are reexperiencing the trauma of that disaster.

These are the times when Americans must come together and help our neighbors in the next town or a couple of time zones away. Pull out your wallet and give.

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