Shoreline motorcyclist on ‘terrifying’ traffic stop: Threatened at gunpoint but not ticketed

Alex Randall said King County Sheriff John Urquhart called him after seeing the video and said, “This is wrong and everybody feels terrible about it.”

Motorcyclist Alex Randall, of Shoreline, doesn’t believe he was riding unsafely when he was confronted by a gun-wielding detective with the King County Sheriff’s Office this month.

But even if he was “driving reckless,” as the detective claimed, Randall said it was alarming and unnecessary for the law-enforcement officer to point his gun at the 31-year-old rider while he sat on his bike at a traffic light.

“I still get clammy hands when I watch it,” Randall said of the video. “It was so terrifying.”

The detective’s boss, Sheriff John Urquhart, apparently agreed.

Randall said the sheriff called him Monday just hours after Randall uploaded the video of the unusual traffic stop to YouTube.

“Urquhart didn’t waffle,” Randall said. “He said, ‘No, this is wrong and everybody feels terrible about it.’ ”

In a post on his personal Facebook page, Urquhart wrote Tuesday that he was “deeply disturbed with the conduct and tactics that were recorded.”

“Drawing your weapon on someone when investigating a misdemeanor traffic offense is not routine,” he continued.

The detective, who has not been publicly identified by the sheriff’s office, has been placed on paid administrative leave while his actions are investigated.

He did not return calls seeking comment.

Randall, who works in IT for a Seattle finance company, has logged 100,000 miles on various bikes he’s owned over the past 10 years, he said in a telephone interview Tuesday.

He admitted that he has exceeded the speed limit on many occasions, and has shared images on social media of himself shooting the bird at what he calls “passive-aggressive” slowdown signs affixed to utility poles in his neighborhood.

But those pictures were supposed to be a joke online, he said.

“Yes, I speed sometimes. No, I am not reckless,” he said. “I’ve laid my bike down, but I’ve never been in a multicar accident.”

In the video, which was taken with a helmet-mounted GoPro on Aug. 16, Randall’s Yamaha YZF-R1 pulls up behind other vehicles at a stoplight at the intersection of North 145th Street and 5th Avenue Northeast at the border of Shoreline and Seattle.

The detective appears, on foot, on the rider’s left…

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