Shonin Streamcam, the Bodycam for Civilians, Launches on Kickstarter

Capture your side of the story with Shonin Streamcam – The Wearable Security Camera

Shonin Inc, the technology company that empowers people to easily and securely record public interactions, today announces the launch of its flagship product, the Shonin Streamcam. With hate crimes and street harassment on the rise, this new body-worn camera is designed to help anyone document a potentially harmful or uncomfortable interaction with video proof. Everything about the Shonin Streamcam — from its iconic design to its ability to automatically upload to the cloud while recording— was carefully crafted to help people reliably document their experiences when they need to the most. Starting today, anyone can back Shonin Streamcam on Kickstarter at:

“We’re proud of what we have built, and look forward to making the Shonin Streamcam available for anyone who wants to feel safer as they go about their day,” says Sameer Hasan, CEO & Founder, Shonin Inc. “Much abuse and injustice still goes unaddressed, and in many cases perpetrators believe they can get away with it because it’s their word against ours, unless we have video proof. Shonin helps people secure video proof in situations where using their smartphones is not practical.”

Born out of the desire to “put an unbiased witness on your side”, Shonin Streamcam is an easily wearable, rugged and waterproof camera. The Shonin Streamcam device is supported by feature-rich, intuitive software on mobile and in the cloud.

Record Directly to the Cloud in One Tap

Through either a direct cellular connection with a SIM card, or while tethered to your smartphone’s wi-fi hotspot, Shonin Streamcam uploads video immediately to a secure cloud location or broadcasts to live video services like Facebook Live. All without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

Fully Featured

Recording video with the Shonin Streamcam is made easy. Designed specifically with urgency and speed in mind, the device sports a large button on the front face of the device. A simple press of the button starts recording and streaming with no precision required. Shonin Streamcam captures your side of the story in crisp, wide-angle video. Video resolution…

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