Shmoop Helps Student Increase ACT Score by 6 Points in Only 7 Weeks

I was absolutely floored that we were able to get such results so fast. I cannot recommend Shmoop highly enough.

The pressure is on for high schoolers to increase their test scores as college applicant numbers increase and acceptance rates drop. A point or two on the ACT® can give students the competitive edge they need—but with Shmoop (, Aaron Burr (uh, not his real name) managed to increase his score by six points. That’s a whopping 25% increase over the course of just seven weeks.

Aaron scored a 24 on his first practice exam, at which point, he put Shmoop to work. He used Shmoop’s ACT prep consistently for three hours per week: one hour was spent reviewing the content, one hour was spent doing drills and watching videos, and one hour was spent on a practice exam. He used Shmoop’s progress monitoring to see which skills he needed to focus on, and by the end of the seven weeks, Aaron’s score had skyrocketed. The progress over time feature embedded in Shmoop’s analytics tracked his projected score at 25 during his first few weeks and 28 after the next few weeks. In each subject area, Aaron began to answer a higher percentage of questions right over time, and that consistent increase was eventually reflected in his score of 30 on the final practice exam he took on Shmoop.

“Shmoop was instrumental in bringing my one-on-one tutoring client form a 24 to a 30 on his ACT in only 7 weeks. Using the practice tests combined with Shmoop’s incredible score breakdowns, we were able to clearly pinpoint his areas of highest growth potential,” says Daniel Floren, Aaron’s tutor. “I was absolutely floored that we were able to get such results so fast. I cannot recommend Shmoop highly enough. Many digital test prep programs simply provide practice tests. Shmoop does that, and so much more. It gives usable data and targeted tools to help give students exactly what they need to feel confident and perform well.”

Shmoop’s ACT prep is available with a Shmoop subscription, and schools and districts can get bulk discounts; contact sales(at)shmoop(dot)com for more information.

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