Shining Christ’s Light in a Dark World” is an inspiring work examining the true purpose of Christians.

“The Van Gogh Project: Shining Christ’s Light in a Dark World”: an inspired adventure for Christians to rekindle their spiritual fire to become beacons of hope in a dark world. “The Van Gogh Project: Shining Christ’s Light in a Dark World” is the creation of published author Amanda Gettinger, a veterinarian from Mississippi with a lifelong love for history, learning, and Jesus Christ.

“Have you ever wondered why the church doesn’t seem to be making a difference in this crazy, messed up world? Have you noticed how the word Christian has become a loosely used word that people attached to themselves, but in reality, there is no meaning behind it? Have you looked into your own personal life and wondered where your spiritual fire has gone, or maybe you are not sure where you stand with God. 

This is ‘The van Gogh Project’. This study will take you on an in-depth journey into your own walk with God and how His Word can (if you will allow it) change you from the inside out. Beloved, if you have ever wondered why you or the church has not made a difference in this world, maybe it’s because we as the church have made it more about us than about God. If you want to see a change in the world for the cause of Christ, it all starts with you! Are you willing to step out into this adventure? Are you ready to see how God can work in your life so you can be that shining light for Christ in this dark world? If so, then join me on this amazing adventure to rekindle that fire in our hearts so we can be beacons of hope in this dark world.” -Amanda Gettinger

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Amanda Gettinger‘s new book is an inspiring ten-week study for Christians to find the impetus and motivation to become that shining light for Christ.

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