Sheba Medical Center’s Dr. Ygal Rotenstreich Speaks About Cutting-Edge Medical Innovation and Scientific Research at South Florida “Imagination Israel” Event

We are working together to identify early non-invasive biomarkers that signal deteriorations in the brain so that we can help people in Israel, America and all over the world.

Dr. Ygal Rotenstreich, Director of the Retinal Research Laboratory at Sheba Medical Center’s Goldschleger Eye Institute and Director of its Electrophysiology and Hereditary Retinal Diseases Clinic, showcased his groundbreaking research at an “Imagination Israel” event that took place November 30. Dr. Rotenstreich was among a group of leading Israeli entrepreneurs who spoke about Israel’s culture of innovation and their cutting-edge products and companies. The Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County hosted the series of presentations.

More than 700 people were in attendance as Dr. Ygal Rotenstreich presented a revolutionary medical device he invented, which uses advanced noninvasive, objective testing to detect early signs of eye and Alzheimer’s Disease. His team’s findings could lead to much earlier identification in patients, allowing them to take preventative action sooner than ever before.    

In his remarks, the Israeli medical entrepreneur talked about how the eye is a window into the brain and discussed his current research at Sheba Medical Center. Over 450 clinical trials for Alzheimer’s Disease treatment failed because the intervention was too late, a key problem that Dr. Rotenstreich’s device addresses.

Sheba Medical Center is the largest and most comprehensive medical center in the entire Middle East. With 20 percent of Israel’s population visiting for treatment each year, the hospital provides for the healthcare needs of the nation while fostering life-saving medical innovation, the impact of which is felt around the world.

Dr. Rotenstreich presented his device alongside four other Israeli success stories: Voiceitt, Zeekit, TaKaDu and Tridom Robotics. All of these high-tech innovators contribute to Israel’s unique standing in the world as the “Start-up Nation.”

“The culture of innovation at Sheba and the collaboration between leading Israeli researchers and our partners in the United States has been crucial in bringing this idea to market,” said Dr….

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