‘She could have bled out’: 2 more children report deep cuts at Kenosee, Sask., water park – Saskatoon

Two mothers from the Cowessess First Nation say their children were seriously injured after a trip to a water park in southern Saskatchewan. The report comes after another child reported injuries last week.

In June, the First Nation sent a school group to Kenosee Superslides — located in Moose Mountain Provincial Park, about 175 kilometres southeast of Regina — for end-of-year festivities. By the end of the day, a seven-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy were sent to hospital with deep cuts to their feet.

“I looked up and he was hopping down to [the] first aid [station] all by himself,” said mother Shelley Lerat. “I jumped out of the hot tub and he was laying there, bleeding and freaking out.”

Just two minutes later, Lerat said a seven-year-old girl came down the same slide with a serious cut.

‘She said it felt like someone sticking a nail in your foot and ripping your skin.’
– Angelica Melendes

“It was just crazy after that,” she said. “They were bleeding and we were trying to get things wrapped up to take them to the hospital.”

Meanwhile, Angelica Melendes got a call at home and was told her daughter was in hospital with a deep cut. Melendes raced to hospital.

“She could have bled out,” she said. “She could have hit an artery, or something like that. I was so outraged.” 

Angelica Melendes says her seven-year-old daughter received a serious cut at the Kenosee Superslides. (Submitted by Angelica Melendes)

Lerat’s son received a more-than 3.5-centimetre deep cut and needed 14 stitches on the side of his right foot. The seven-year-old girl received eight stitches.

“During the process of her stitches, three of us had to hold her down,” said Melendes. “She was screaming and she was crying.”

At one point, Melendes said park attendants said a pair of sunglasses was to blame. However, both of the children believe they received the cuts on the slide.

“A pair of sunglasses wouldn’t do that,” she said. “She said it felt like someone sticking a nail in your foot and ripping your skin.”

Prior problems

On July 27, another teen reported serious injuries after sliding at the park. Rylynn Kohli received deep cuts that may lead to nerve damage.

After hearing Kohli’s story of injury, a public health inspector paid a visit to the Kenosee Superslides on Monday.

In an interview, the park said the slides are frequently inspected by both park staff and provincial officials. It’s estimated the park spent $100,000 on renovations…

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