Shango Teams with National Charities for Breast Cancer Support

“This is an amazing opportunity for Shango to be able to help out two regional charities with the foresight to recognize the potential benefits of medical cannabis for both pre- and post-surgery situations.” said Julie Dubocq, Controller at Shango. “We admire their courage.”

The Shango Las Vegas dispensary and all five Oregon locations will be selling co-branded clothing in pink and black to raise money for existing national program support.

Shango Premium Cannabis will be donating 50 percent of net proceeds of sales in each state. Retail pricing ranges from $15 to $26 for hats, T-shirts, socks and beanies.

“Breast Friends’ mission is helping women survive the trauma of cancer one friend at a time,” said Allison Hancock, event and volunteer coordinator for the Oregon chapter of Breast Friends. “We are thankful for the support that Shango is giving to Breast Friends to raise awareness and help us continue to offer services and programs to women who are going through the cancer journey.”

Breast Friends is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for female cancer patients. The organization teaches friends and family specific ways to offer support, helps them understand what their loved one is going through, and suggests resources for the woman and for those who care about her. A number of programs developed by Breast Friends have proven valuable in assisting and reassuring the patient, her friends and family.

Breast Friends believes that no woman should go through the cancer experience alone. Unfortunately, it happens. Women with friends and family nearby often fail to receive the kind of emotional, spiritual or physical support they need. Breast Friends programs are designed to ensure proper support is given and received. Every woman in America will be touched by breast cancer or other women’s cancers in her lifetime. One in eight women will be diagnosed, and the other seven will know her. The goal is to reach the seven in order to help the one.

Breast Friends’ governing body is made up of a national board including the two co-founders, executive officers, and board members who also oversee the Oregon Affiliate. The group also has Local Advisory Boards in each affiliate location.


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