Shady Grove Fertility Physician Experts Will Host Three Live Egg Freezing Informational Events in September

Shruti Malik, M.D. of SGF’s Fair Oaks and Woodbridge, VA offices

Having gone through the egg freezing process personally, I’m thrilled to be able to offer it to my patients now. It enables myself as well as my patients to preserve that chance at having a family in the future.

Given the advances made in egg freezing technology, Shady Grove Fertility has seen an 83% increase in the number of women who are choosing to freeze their eggs at SGF since 2013, and the numbers continue to rise. The center largely contributes the growth in popularity of egg freezing to continuous innovation at SGF that is resulting in increasing success rates, published and readily available success rate data from women who have frozen their eggs at SGF, and a variety of financial programs that make egg freezing at SGF affordable.

To support the demand, fertility experts from SGF will be hosting three live, educational events about egg freezing in September. For information-seekers and guests, the goal of the events is to raise awareness about the advantages egg freezing, and to remind women of the impact that age has on infertility. Not only does fertility potential and egg quality and quantity decline, but the number of miscarriages increases with advancing maternal age.

The live events offer the opportunity to learn about egg freezing from a reputable, experienced fertility specialist. Attendees will learn about the basics of fertility and reproduction, the evolution of egg freezing technology, how the egg freezing process works, testing ovarian function, egg freezing thaw outcomes and success rates, how many eggs to freeze based on family building goals, fertility medications, and much more.

In-person or virtual attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions—anonymously or publicly—in an interactive question and answer session at the conclusion of each session.

Upcoming September Egg Freezing Events

September 13 | Towson, MD with Dr. Stephanie Beall

September 19 | K Street, Washington, D.C. with Shana Perman, PA-C

September 27 | Webinar with Dr. Anitha Nair

During the events, attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about the newest option for egg freezing at SGF, a discount financial program that…

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