Shadow of Death: “48 Hours” investigates the murders of Andra and Brad Sachs

Produced by Chuck Stevenson, Alec Sirken, Greg Fisher and Judy Rybak

[This story previously aired on Oct. 15, 2016. It was updated on June 10, 2017.]

It was a crime that shocked the rich, quiet, wealthy community of San Juan Capistrano. A wealthy businesswoman, Andra Sachs, 54, and her ex-husband, Brad, 57, were asleep in their hillside mansion when a killer armed with an assault-type rifle crept in to a the family’s multimillion dollar hillside mansion and opened fire with a barrage of bullets.

Meghann Cuniff, a reporter for the Orange County Register, was one of the first reporters on the scene.

“What happened up there was shocking. It was eerie,” she told “48 Hours.”

“This is what the Sachs’ 17-year-old daughter told authorities about that night,” Cuniff continued, reading from a grand jury transcript. “‘I heard somebody slamming open my door and then I heard a gunshot.”

Jack Leonard is a Los Angeles Times reporter and a CBS News consultant.

“A shooter snuck into the house, went up to the top floor where Andra and Brad were in bed and opened fire,” he explained.

The San Juan Capistrano home of Brad and Andra Sachs

Orange County Register/Corbis

It was a home invasion of the most nightmarish kind. Nothing was stolen. It was just killing for the sake of killing.

“Alexis says she hid in her bed until she heard her little brother crying,” Cuniff said. “‘He was crying for help. He was bleeding. He couldn’t feel his legs.'”

Who would attack a family, crippling an 8-year-old child and unleashing hell on his sleeping parents?

“‘I went into my parent’s bedroom,'” Cuniff read aloud. “The D.A. says, ‘Were you able to talk to them?’ She says, ‘no.'”

“They’d been shot multiple times in the face,” Leonard said. “The shooter had left no room for these people not to be killed … the scene was a mess.”

Monte Burghardt is a realtor in Orange County who did business with Andra Sachs.

“I was just stunned,” he…

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