Seven signals tell you that you’re stressed out

1. Sleep disorders. It is vital to balance work and life. You can set a working time range for yourself. Working in spare time can lead to sleep disorders and extra pressures. Never work at home if possible. It can ensure regular sleep habit to get all formal works done in the office. 

2. Exhaustion. The imbalance between work and life may result in excessive fatigue. In many cases, working overtime can only give you nothing but mental and physical exhaustion. It is important to finish your work in due time. But round-the-clock working can cause increased stresses and health problems. 


3. Negative thinking. Working long can result in low efficiency and productivity. Perhaps, though you’re in the office, you can’t work with total dedication. And being stressed out long may cause increased negative thoughts.  


4. Stress. You may get mental stress if you have to fulfill your task in the given time. As a result, you are invulnerable to the diseases. So it is key to set a regular working time for yourself. It is great for keeping fit to relieve stresses.


5. Change in behavior. You probably suffer from some changes in behavior and emotion, such as frustration. You should figure its cause out once you find something wrong with your behavior. 


6. Change in physical appearance. Unbalanced work time is likely to lead to change in physical appearance, such as sudden weight gain or loss. Due to the stresses caused by working overtime, your face may appear wrinkles. It is crucial to focus on your heath and release the related working pressure.  


7. Physical ailments. Working long can increase your pressure on the body, which is likely to cause many diseases like cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart problem. Therefore, it is essential to handle working stress. Proper balance is the root of a positive and healthy life. 

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