Setting up the Inflatable Movie Screen


Weekend is a lovely day. People like to watch movies in the cinema or on the TV set. However, watching movies in both of the cinema and the TV are inside event. We have been in the office or classroom for a long time during the weekdays, why do we still in the rooms to spend out weekend? The inflatable movie screen can provide you with an outdoor movie. You can watch it with your families and friends happily without worrying your laugh or cry will affect other strangers. Neither do they impact you.


The inflatable movie screen is easy to install. Before setting it up, you should prepare things below: inflatable movie screen, inflatable blowers, strong cords, long power cord, power strip, table, laptop computer with DVD drive, projector and cables to connect to computer, portable speakers, a spacious lawn or ground, chairs and some snacks of course.


After preparing the things above, let’s set up the inflatable movie screen. Firstly, we should choose the place where the inflatable movie screen should be set up. Check and clean the branches, rocks in the place, make sure there are not sharp things to hurt the inflatable screen. It is better to place a tarpaulin or other things under the inflatable screen, it can prevent the puncture.


Secondly, we should install the inflatable screen. Attach the screen to the back of the inflatable frame. Blow up the inflatable frame with the inflatable blowers. After a few minutes, the inflatable screen is set up basically. And we need to stake it into the ground. The strong cords can do this. Tied tightly the D-rings and find other bars or trees to stake the inflatable screen by the strong cords. After doing this, let’s go to the next part.


Thirdly, place the laptop computer, power strip and projector on the table. Speakers should be place next to the laptop. Connect the machines portably. Then adjust the sound effect, image quality. Placing chairs, and preparing snacks. After doing this, you can ask the…

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