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A woman found chained in a storage container. Her captor: a successful realtor who confessed to seven murders — a double life beyond belief. Now, “48 Hours” has the story behind the story. The court has just released hundreds of documents, photographs and even hours of videotape that reveal, in stunning detail, a serial killer’s journey into darkness.

“I’ve never done anything to anybody who didn’t have it coming,” Kohlhepp tells detectives.

This bizarre and frightening story began Labor Day weekend 2016, when 30-year-old Kala Brown and her 32-year-old boyfriend, Charles David Carver, went missing near Spartanburg.

Dan Herren: Kala Brown is a very good friend of mine … she’s really a wonderful person. …She always wants to please people.

Dan Herren: One day Kala met Charlie … she said they had a love that went beyond anything superficial.

Dan Herren: I found out they were missing on Labor Day weekend … after searching for her for two months … I then got a text message from another good friend of mine and she said, they found Kala—she’s alive.

But her boyfriend Charlie was not with her. Kala Brown told her rescuers that Todd Kohlhepp, her captor, had killed Charlie almost immediately. Kala said she had witnessed Charlie’s murder.

Joanne Shiflet: Charles David Carver is my son. He is my firstborn [in tears]. He could bring a smile to the saddest person. He loved to laugh.

Charlie Carver operated a printer at a local business. His father, Chuck, says he was a gentle soul.

Chuck Carver: He never hurt anybody … he would give you the shirt off his back or the last $2 in his pocket. That was just the guy he was.

The effort to find Charlie and Kala started as soon as they went missing, but it would take a couple months to put that puzzle together. Investigators got hold of a search warrant that allowed them to access Kala’s Facebook page. That’s where they found a message that Kala sent to Charlie where she referenced Todd Kohlhepp. And then, there were the…

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