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Adrienne is here. What’s up. Okay, let’s talk about Serena Williams, welcoming a brand-new baby girl. Williams delivering her bundle of joy. Can you believe it’s already happened. St. Mary’s medical center in palm beach was the locate. This was yesterday her first ambassador with fiance Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. New aunt Venus who is participating saying she is very excited, congrats to the couple. I can’t wait to see that baby. Gorgeous. I want to see the pictures and — You don’t have pictures yet. Well, the baby was born yesterday. Yeah, that’s — iPhone. Be easy, Paula. You can Facebook live the whole thing these days. I think they wanted a little more privacy. There are celebrities certainly getting involved in Houston in the relief efforts there and we’ve seen it all over social media, right, Miranda lambert and her mutt nation stepping in to help dogs taking to Instagram to highlight all the rescued pups and the trustee volunteers working to bring them to safety saying they’ve already sent 72 dogs to lambert’s Oklahoma sheller. The grammy winner taking in a family of dogs calling them her roommates for the night and magician David Blaine bringing George to the George R. Brown convention center doing magic tricks. 10,000 evacuated there. Shoutout to SeaWorld and the San Antonio zoo. I had a friend contact me and say they’ve had Taff go into Houston to try to take care of the zoo animals in Houston. It’s a lot of work. All hands on deck. Well, marvel’s inhumans going big like really, really Bick. Imax big. The first two episodes which is set to be aired on ABC is first being shown in studios. This whole first two episode season premiere happens in imax with all I-maximum cameras but premiere date for TV, September 29th. So go get it. A lot of violence. Well, it’s a comic book. I get it. Action, action. Ron. Compared to what else we see on television. Special effects. Wow. That was a little violence over there with the two guys at the end of the table. When did you get so sensitive. Professional sports all day long. Well, good point there. We have one more point to make, breaking news. Justin Bieber reached 100 million Twitter followers. Oh. That’s your morning. Done. 100 million beliebers. I think I — do you follow — No, Ron believes — Actually I don’t. I’m going to join. He owes you 20 buck. That kid owes me money.

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