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We turn next here to the newest effort to kill Obamacare. It is dead on arrival. There will be no vote. Tonight, two rrm senators, Susan Collins and Lisa murkowski, on why they were not convinced. And even after John McCain said he would vote no, support for him from the senator who helped write the bill. Mare rip Bruce, back on the hill tonight. Reporter: Tonight, Republicans are conceding defeat. We’ve made the decision since we do.’t have the votes, we will postpone that vote. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. Reporter: But for mom Samantha Mcgovern, who worried what this bill would mean for her daughter, Josephine, relief. I’m much happier today than I was the last time I saw you. Reporter: The fatal blow dealt by senator Susan Collins of Maine. It was clear to me that the graham/cassidy bill was not the answer. Reporter: Her objections to the bill? The deep cuts to medicaid, and the concern millions would lose coverage. Lisa more cow ski of Alaska who opposed the last attempt — I said in January, we should not repeal without a replacement. Reporter: Didn’t like the process this go-round, saying the U.S. Senate cannot get the text of a bill on a Sunday night, then proceed to a vote just days later, with only one hearing. John McCain, who took down the last GOP attempt with this defiant thumb’s down, agreed, he wants a bipartisan process. His best friend in the senate, Lindsey graham, who drafted the bill, had this to say. John McCain can do whatever damn well he wants to. He has that right. Reporter: But tonight, he says they have to keep up the fight. We’ll get killed if we don’t. Reporter: You’ll get killed if you don’t? We’ll get killed. Can you imagine, if we just don’t fulfill this promise? Mary Bruce with us live tonight from the capitol. And now that this newest Republican bill is dead for now, Mary, Republicans will now need 60 votes instead of a simple majority. That would mean both sides would have to come together on this. Reporter: Exactly, David. And word tonight, bipartisan ship is back. Senators from both sides of the aisle are headed back to the negotiating table to trying to hammer out immediate steps to stabilize the markets and give Americans facing high premiums some relief. David? Bay partisan ship is back. We heart you said it, Mary. We’ll keep tracking that.

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