Self Growth Tips for College Students

College is one of the most exciting phases of one’s life. If you wish to make the most of your campus experience and emerge a better person after those four years, then here are five excellent tips that can help you achieve self growth, develop the right attitude, rise to both academic and non-academic challenges, and still have plenty of fun along the way.


  1. Make friends. Close friends contribute to our self growth for they provide us with the moral support that is so critical to surviving the stressful life of college. Friends can lend a helping hand in a pinch like collecting your homework when you’re too sick to leave your dorm, teach you how to de-stress and help you cultivate the right attitude by pointing out to you your flaws and weaknesses. They can provide a listening ear when you need to vent and give you that sense of security that even when the whole world seems to be against you, you have them to back you up. And of course, having a social life outside academic life is always helpful – college life should be fun too!


  1. It’s okay to miss home, but don’t dwell on it too long. Freshmen are normally apprehensive during the first few days of being away from home and that’s understandable. Being home most of your life and then suddenly finding yourself on your own in a large campus without your parents to hold your hand can be nerve-wracking. However, rather than dwelling on your misery, why not see this new phase in your life as an opportunity for self growth and developing the right attitude that will prepare you for the rigors of post-graduation life, particularly when you join the work force? This is your chance to prove your family back home that they raised you well!


  1. Join a club or organization. Special-interest clubs or organizations are great for self growth. Not only do you get the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people, you can also discover more things about your field of interest. Club meetings usually include lively…

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