Self Defense Sprays are a great weapon!

Although many have stated they have kept their pepper spray stored at room temperatures for four to five years, given that pepper spray is a protection device, it is recommended that you replace your pepper spray every one to two years.  We also recommend that if in a situation where you do need to use your pepper spray, spray all of it into the attackers face until you empty the canister then replace it. 

Pepper spray also known as OC or Oleoresin Capsicum is a derivative of Hot Cayenne Peppers.  Keep in mind that OC is an inflammatory agent not an irritant like tear gas.  By shooting your pepper spray into the facial area of an attacker it will immediately cause the person’s eyes to shut, this is due to the dilation of the eye capillaries, temporary blindness can also occur.   

Secondly the person will have an uncontrollable cough and difficulty in breathing.  These symptoms cause the attacker more often than not to drop to their knees.  Although the attacker will heal without any repercussion, while he or she is experiencing these symptoms they will no longer be thinking about attacking you!  Victims of pepper spray should feel better within 45 minutes to an hour.  This allows you plenty of time to get to safety.  Never hesitate in leaving the scene, get out of there immediately.   

Self defense spray can be purchased in many sizes, most ranging from a half ounce to over one pound.  The ½ to 2 ounce sizes are perfect for carrying on your person while anything bigger is mainly used for your home or office.  Some people choose to carry the 4 ounce however these can be too big and bulky.  Keep in mind that the sizing usually dictates its capacity;  how long can it spray for and how much is in the canister.   

You being the potential victim would like to have as much room between you and the attacker as possible, the rule of thumb with pepper spray is distances of 8 to 12 feet with some depending on which you purchase having a range of 6 to 8 feet.  It wouldn’t hurt to buy yourself a pepper spray that gives you that extra distance range.  The further away you can be the better off you are.  That being said, remember the greater the distance the unit is fired from, the more accurate the aim must be. 

You may want to consider the Mace Pepper Gun as this unit allows up to 25 feet of distance, I call this the ultimate in pepper sprays! 

If you believe that your aim just won’t suffice then we suggest you consider purchasing the…

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