Self Defense for Seniors – Step 1: Know Where to Buy Pepper Spray

I am, always have been and always will be very passionate about helping people protect and defend themselves. I adamantly believe that every law-abiding, god-fearing, morally decent man, woman and child (above the age of 18) should have the right (if not the obligation) to carry some tool of non-lethal self-defense on them at all times. The people I really feel this applies to the most however are those people that are less able to protect and defend themselves than the average citizen, I am referring to senior citizens. As the body ages it becomes a bit weaker and slower and this is just an unfortunate fact of life that is as inescapable as any. The beautiful thing is that these seniors need not worry as there is a very simple, affordable, safe and effective way to defend themselves and that is with pepper spray.

Pepper spray has offered people a way to protect themselves in a relatively safe and certainly effective way for many years now. Pepper spray works by dispensing a defensive chemical that consists of an ingredient called Oleoresin Capsicum, this is the same chemical that is found in chili peppers and is what makes these peppers so spicy. When spraying an attacker with pepper spray you are literally spraying insanely hot pepper into their eyes, nose, throat and lungs. And we aren’t talking about your run-of-the-mill hot pepper either, we are talking about a spray so hot it completely debilitates your attacker. For comparison sake let’s take a look at the hottest pepper you are likely to ever eat in your life, let’s say a raw habanero pepper, this pepper rates at about 200,000 scoville units ( a unit of measurement used to determine a peppers ‘spiciness). If the average person were to pop a habanero pepper into their mouth and start chewing they would instantly start tearing up, their nose would begin running and you would see a look of immense pain on the persons face. Now let’s say that habanero was about 25 times as hot as the average habanero pepper and you were to crush it up and rub it in someones eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Do you think that person would possibly be in some pain? Do you think that person might be able to continue an attack with the same vigor they had before you put them in such an intense hurt locker? I doubt it and that is exactly why pepper spray is so effective. Most commercial pepper sprays that are available to the public rate about 5,000,000 scoville units.

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