SEI Club Guarantees Members Will Meet The Right Person

Matchmaker NYC SEI Club

Many of our members can accomplish essentially anything…and as a bonus they’re good people.

As the world’s most exclusive, private dating club, SEI Club caters to the ultra-affluent and exceptionally beautiful elite. The club now guarantees that members of their matchmaking service will meet the Right Person.

Says a company spokesperson, “The Right Person is different for each person. For this reason, each SEI Club member provides us with a detailed outline of just what the Right Person looks like for them.

We then ensure that each and every introduction they have is with someone who fits exactly what they seek. Since this is done on both ends of every single match (for men and women), each matched-date ends up being exceptional for both people involved.” The result is a fun, deeply satisfying, personally rewarding dating experience that adds value to each and every member’s already incredible life.

In terms of the type of single gentlemen and women who participate, company statistics show that there is a roughly even split of men and women; with 49.7% male and 50.3% female. (Find full stats here: SEI CLUB). Members range from in their early 20’s to their 70’s. Says the spokesperson, “All of our members are attractive, energetic, intelligent, accomplished individuals. They are often considered some of the most compelling potential matches available.”

Comprised of global leaders, fashion models, entrepreneurs, and career professionals, SEI Club members share common interests with art, charity, and travel at the forefront of the list.

All SEI Club matchmaking and dating club members are seeking a meaningful relationship with that special someone. While some prefer to date and see…

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