Seeking Professional Foundation Repair

The front door won’t shut correctly so when someone goes in or out, it must be forced shut. On the other side of the house an ugly crack has appeared above a window. Now a crack has appeared in the basement floor. More and more it is looking like this is not “normal settling,” but problems with the foundation. Some other neighbors have complained of similar problems. The issue is now how to find professional foundation repair.

Assessing The Damage

Walk around the home, looking for some telltale signs: shifting soil or changes in the way the soil lies (both common problems). Obviously, wet spots not noticed before are also indicative of problems. It is still difficult to tell if this is a settlement issue or expansion of the soil, and a homeowner does not feel qualified to make this kind of decision alone. Choosing the right service people is the next step.

Selection: Common Standards That Apply To All Professional Foundation Repair Companies:

 – Are they Bonded and Insured?

– Are they a licensed business in the area

– Do they offer a free estimate?

– Will they help with maintenance on the property?

 If the answer to all of these is yes, scheduling is the next step.

 Assessment And Estimate

 When the serviceman comes, be alert that there should be assessment of three areas with the foundation:  drainage issues, how the soil around the house affects the structure, and possible plumbing leaks.  Each of these can have an impact that can turn normal settling into a major problem with the foundation.  Following the assessment, in a brief period of time a detailed estimate should be prepared that will include the type of repair involved and why.

 Two Basic Types Of Foundation Repairs:

1. Slab Foundation Repair: This involves repair of the flat thick layer of concrete on which the home is built. The foundation can shift and slab foundation can crack, and moisture can get in, due to the issues listed above. The repairs done should be warrantied.

2. Pier and Beam Repair: A second type of foundation, this repair involves changes to the wooden beams, which can rot or split, or repair to the metal and steel piers, which can settle or shift.  Environmental factors take a toll in these cases, as well.

 Warranty And Maintenance

Once completed the homeowner should insure what parts of the work are warrantied and what are not, what the homeowner’s responsibilities are, and what the service person will be responsible for in the coming months.  If…

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