Seattle’s Vince Mira brings his own flare to bolero music

The singer has a new 12-song LP, “El Radio,” out this week.

Seattle-based crooner Vince Mira’s new 12-song LP, “El Radio,” often feels more like an intersectional collage than a modern pop release.

The LP features a rich blend of different languages, musical eras and moments from Mira’s own family life. Mira will celebrate “El Radio’s” Friday, June 16, release with a show July 28 at Fred Wildlife Refuge. (The album is available on most streaming services.)

Mira, whose big, booming voice has been compared to Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash, says the record was inspired first and foremost by bolero, a restrained, slow-tempo style of Latin music that Mira’s family exposed him to growing up.

“My brothers and sisters and my parents were all really big into music,” says Mira, one of seven kids. “I owe a lot to them. I wanted this album to sound like those bolero songs, but I also wanted to bring my own flare to it. ”

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That flare is born out of an amalgamation of music — from Bob Dylan to dance. The songs on “El Radio,” some of which were written a decade apart, adhere to a charming, yet at times heart-wrenching tone, and the instruments on the album range from a singled-out weeping trumpet to a staccato, programmed drum track.

“It’s been a long process,” says Mira, who was first discovered while busking at Pike Place Market as a teenager. “We started off just recording demos and keeping those on file for years, coming back to them, working on them and putting them away again.”

But while the crafting of the music required so much time and care, Mira’s manner of singing and how he performs do not fit into any particular lineage or overwrought business plan. “I just go out and sing,” the troubadour says. And when he does, he’s almost overtaken by a side of himself that doesn’t otherwise come out.

“When I perform, I…

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