Seattle police release statements from officers who killed Charleena Lyles

The police department has released statements from each officer involved in the fatal shooting of Charleena Lyles on Sunday, along with a diagram of her apartment where she died and photographs of knives found.

Seattle police Officer Jason Anderson told investigators Charleena Lyles suddenly pulled a knife out of her pocket and was “coming right at my stomach” during a burglary call Sunday that led to the fatal shooting of the 30-year-old mother of four in her apartment, according to statements released Friday evening.

Anderson’s description was contained in 86 pages of transcripts of recorded interviews with Anderson and second officer Steven McNew, who shot Lyles after she summoned the officers to her Northeast Seattle apartment to investigate what she described as a burglary of her unit.

The shooting of Lyles, an African American, by the two white officers has drawn condemnation from her family and sparked public outcry from others, who believe race was factor in the use of lethal force.

Among the documents’ main points, Anderson reported he had both pepper spray and a baton and McNew had a baton (neither had Tasers), but they stated they were left with no choice but to use lethal force. The documents also included images of seven knives in the apartment, including one reportedly in her coat.

During questioning Tuesday, Anderson said he jumped back and sucked in his abdomen to avoid getting stabbed in the stomach with a knife 4 to 5 inches long.

Anderson, 32, who joined the department in 2015, said he drew his pistol, asked for fast backup on his radio and, along with McNew, told Lyles to “get back.”

He said McNew, 34, a Seattle officer since 2008, asked him to Taser Lyles. Anderson said he told McNew he didn’t have a Taser.

Lyles then began quickly advancing on McNew, Anderson…

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